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Rockford mayor inviting you for coffee


Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara wants to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you. 

Mayor McNamara is holding special coffee talk events with the community, asking residents to sit down with him for five minutes at a time for a one-on-one conversation. He says it's an initiative to make himself more available to address concerns and answer questions. 

"There's no gray area in our answer. If they ask a tough question we're giving them sometimes an answer they don't wanna hear. But we're being forthright and honest with them and providing them with all the information that I can and once in a while they'll ask a question I don't have an answer to and I'll make sure I get back to them with the answer to that question," said McNamara. 

McNamara said he plans to have these coffee talks in the future and more information will be posted ahead of time on the city's website. 

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