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Inspiring 815: Rock Your Body Rockford


You can hear Mandy James every day on radio station 97ZOK, and while she puts on a fun and positive attitude on the air, inside, she's struggling.

"I went public with my body dysmorphic disorder in October of last year." said James.

Though the disorder is something Mandy struggles with on a daily basis, instead of seeking medical treatment, she and a group of six other women started a movement. 

"So many people in our community are struggling with issues you don't even know about. So, this is about sending out a message to not only love yourself, but to love others." said James.

#RockYourBodyRockford is a way for those in the community to empower each other, and spread a message of support. Something that Mandy has already experienced.

"I've learned not to just love myself, but love others and accept people for the way that they are." said James.

The movement started as a thirty day challenge, to post a picture every day and say something you love about yourself. Tiki Huey was part of it. 

"When I saw the movement, and saw what she was doing, and read it. It hit home." said Huey.

Meeting Mandy, the other women, and joining the movement is something Tiki says has changed her life. 

"I think I would've always questioned like am I good enough? But having this movement, it was like wow, I can be happy with who I am, and where I'm at." said Huey. 

#RockYourBodyRockford, inspiring 815, by spreading one message of self love at a time.

"You just need one powerful, inspiring, empowering moment to make that change." said James.

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