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Rockford restaurateur set to open third spot in downtown Rockford


From Vintage 501, to Blue Line, and now Omakase; the last five years have been filled with new restaurants for Matt Idzikowski.

"I didn't think I'd have three this fast," says Idzikowski.  "Basically we're building one every other year."

The three joints are less than a mile apart.  The newest location, Omakase, will go in Sienna's Kitchen old location on Madison and E. State Street.  The restaurant will feature high end sushi and ramen. 

"When you look at the overall makeup of all the food we have down here between all the places it's a big hole that's missing."

Since Matt opened his first spot five years ago, he says he's seen a big change in the downtown area. 

"Night and day. There's so many more store fronts that are full and businesses doing well and making money. It's just become a great place to be in Rockford."

As far as what it takes to make it work in the city's downtown, Matt says you can't shy away from some sweat equity. 

"Patience, hard work, and really embracing and be a part of the community. I was a kid that complained about Rockford my whole life until I decided to come back home and try to change it. It's great to see all these changes.  All this negativity can be turned around to show communities can grow and change and become better "

Matt says he's hoping to open Omakase sometime this April. 

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