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Only on 13 News: Evan Scott, Inspiration on Ice


On a snowy Sunday in Rockford, four-year old Evan Scott suits up to play hockey at Riverview Ice House.

His mom Melissa helps him out, but there's one less piece of equipment than his teammates - one less glove, for a hand that Evan doesn't have.

"Born without it. We were in delivery, that's when we found it. Nothing changes. He does everything on his own, learns how to do everything on his own, doesn't let it stop him," says Melissa Scott.

That includes ice hockey - Evan started lessons at age two. When he takes the rink with his Mighty Mites team, he skates, stick handles, and glides on the ice just like everyone else.

"He loves hockey, he enjoys every minute of it," says Evan's coach, Chris Sahli.

"You wouldn't know that he doesn't have the other hand," says Melissa. "He enjoys it, and I let him do it."

One quality separates Evan from the rest of the team.

"He has an unmatched tenacity that whenever you see him play, he goes after the puck and chases it hard," says Sahli.

"I think he gets it from his Dad," says Melissa.

He unfortunately isn't here to see his son play - Evan's father lost his battle to cancer two years ago.

"If his Dad was here, he'd definitely be super excited and happy he's doing something he loves to do."

Evan's love the game is infectious, and uplifting to his fellow skaters.

"Yeah, I would say it definitely has an impact on them because he doesn't stay on the ice very long. If he gets knocked down, he gets knocked down more than most. He always gets back up and gets up quick, and chases the puck again."

Evan's early success in hockey has an even brighter future - his family is exploring prosthetics for his left arm.

"They have different attachments for hockey, we're looking into that. He starts kindergarten in the fall, we're going to look into a regular prosthetic to help out with that," says Melissa.

The sky's the limit for this Mighty Mite, a four-year old inspiration on the ice right here in our community.

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