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Local schools stepping up safety after Florida shooting


Area schools are stepping up security in the wake of Tuesday's deadly school shooting in Florida. 

Rockford Public Schools say they just implemented new training for events like school shootings. It provides students and staff with tactics to stay safe in those emergency situations. 

It is called 'ALICE' training and is in collaboration with the Rockford Police Department. 

In a statement by RPS they said, " That's just one of several levels of prevention, mitigation and detection, in addition to regular training and drills for both students and staff. Yesterday's tragic events once again reignite our vigilance in keeping our students and staff safe. We encourage parents to work with their building principal to help lessen any concerns." 

Belvidere School District sent out a letter to parents saying safety of students is the number one priority. 

Superintendent Daniel Woestman wrote that his heart breaks for the community of Florida. 

Woestman went on to say, "I appreciate all you do for our students to create a safe learning environment. My thoughts and prayers go out to the staff, students, and families who have had this horrible experience. I continue to hope for a future that is better for our children."

Freeport School District says it analyzes it's crisis plan every year and builds on it as more people help with that plan. The district says it does regular drills throughout the year and invites local law enforcement agencies in to conduct drills in buildings to familiarize themselves in case of a situation. 

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