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Teacher of the Week: John Sayles- Boylan Catholic High School


Inside of a quite classroom at Boylan Catholic High School, all signs point towards test day. 

Students with laser focus and frustrated hands on the head. An overall nervous energy. 

Anxiety relieved though by the guidance of their teacher Mr. Sayles. 

"Mr. Sayles is just very energetic and makes chemistry fun to learn and easy for us," said Junior Benjamin Conness. 

If you ask him why he has a passion for science Mr. Sayles isn't quite sure. But if you ask him why he teaches science, that's a no brainer. His passion comes from the students he teaches. 

Sayles said about his students, "Curious their lively. A lot of fun. hardworking. I don't have a bad word to say about them. That's why I'm here." 

It's that love for working with students that brought him out of retirement and back into the classroom. 

"I don't need to be here," said Sayles. "I'm here because I enjoy working with kids. It's very energizing." 

He gets energy from his students and they feed of of his. 

"There's always something going on," said Conness. "We are never really sitting there doing a lecture. We pretty much do demonstrations every day. It just makes it fun to learn and understand why we need to learn this." 

He understands the importance of chemistry in school but also knows the importance of chemistry between him and his students.

"The human interaction is what it's all about," said Sayles. " That interpersonal connection is a big part of the enjoyment of this job. What makes it so fun." 

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