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Girls Who Code club at Rock Valley College


 If you know a girl who loves computers, then we've got a club for you!

"Each week, telling girls to be brave; to try something new. They do learn how to code, both mobile apps, web apps, but then they also find role models." said Charles Konkel, a facilitator with Girls Who Code at Rock Valley College.

'Girls Who Code' is an after school club for girls in grades six through twelve. The club, which meets on the campus of Rock Valley College, aims to not only teach young girls how to program, but also how to empower themselves to take on new challenges

"It's just a good experience to computers, and it's fun to do. You can just build anything you want." said Abby Stevens, a member of  'Girls Who Code'

'Girls Who Code' meets on Wednesday afternoons from 4 to 6 pm in the Woodward Technology Center.

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