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Rauner calls for big tax cut during budget address


Governor Bruce Rauner calls for a billion dollar tax cut in his annual state of the budget address Wednesday. 

"Our mission is straight-forward. Enact reforms. Be accountable. deliver on our promises," said Rauner.

Governor Rauner says people in Illinois are taxed out and they need a break. 

To do that, he proposed several plans. 

He wants to reform government health care as well as the state's worker's compensation program-- as well as sell the Thomspon Center. 

The governor says one of the biggest financial burdens on the state and on taxpayers is the pension problem. 

"The state gets pension bills and just pays the tab. Our budget proposal shifts costs closer to home. so people can question the expenses and deal with them more directly... we will ask school districts to begin sharing the cost of their own normal cost pensions," said Rauner. 

Rauner says his budget also plans to increase education funding and give more flexibility to schools when it comes to contracting, bidding and sharing services.

Democratic State Senator Steve Stadelman says he agrees with the governor on some points- but adds he did *not present a balanced budget for the fourth consecutive year.

"His budget plan assumes things are going to happen, such as legislation being passed, or changes to state employee contracts, that may or may not happen, so once again, the money that he's spending doesn't match the revenue the state will be receiving over the next year," said Stadleman. 

The Governor hit on a number of topics in his budget address including education -- health care -- pensions -- among others.  we have a comprehensive recap of his speech -- and the full video for you -- if you would like to watch it -- on our website at wrex.com.

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