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Brotherly Love for Rockford Regents Basketball


The Rockford Regents men's basketball team has received a double dose of Diemer this season - and R.U. will need it as they head into the final stretch of the schedule.

When you have not one, but two big men who dominate, it's a good problem to have for Rockford U. hoops.

"We're pretty excited, we weren't sure what to expect with some new talent, we've been surprising some people," said Regents junior forward Tony Diemer. "Had some key wins at home, it's been fun playing as the underdog this year."

Tony shares the court with brother Kevin, a freshman.

"I came to all their games the past two years, so excited to be a part of this program," says the younger Diemer. "My expectations have been exceeded this year, it's been amazing."

Head coach Andrew Weber on the tandem: "They want to win. They want to win at everything, and they get mad when they don't win."

The Diemer's bring out the best in one another in practice. It does resemble battles in the driveway, and it gives opposing teams headaches trying to scout the pair.

"I just feel like we have an unspoken connection when we're on the court together," says Tony. "It just kind of happens when he sees me, he finds me, we find each other."

"We've always competed against each other, we've never really been able to play together. When we play now, we're the same exact player," says Kevin. "I know where he's gonna be, he knows where I'm gonna go, it's just so fun. It's really great basketball."

The Regents' gain is the community's gain, seeing the Boylan graduates share the spotlight.

"Local guys being successful is always great, doing it here is even better," says Coach Weber. "Understand how special it is to have both of them on the same team, as brothers doing that, and enjoy two years together."

Year One has laid the groundwork, and they're not done imposing their will on the court.

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