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Bus stops in Rockford are covered in snow after last weeks snowfall


Over the last ten days, the city of Rockford has received quite a bit of snow. That fresh blanket is covering multiple bus stops across the Rockford area. Rockford Mass Transit District has over three-hundred bus stops throughout the Rockford area, serving over 4,000 riders each day.

"Some of them are on private properties, some of them are in shopping malls, some of them are just in areas that are heavily trafficked," Public Relations Specialist for Rockford Mass Transit District, Lisa Brown said.

But now, those daily riders say, these snow covered bus stops are causing them quite the headache.

"I can't go through it, I can't physically walk through it, and then pushing my cart, no. So I stood where it was shoveled," Bus rider, Geri At-Tahir said.

However, with the large volume of bus stops, Brown says being able to clear each and every one of them is almost an insurmountable task.

"With as many bus stops and shelters that we have and the limited staff that we have, we would have to hire a whole new crew just to maintain bus stops and shelters in the winter. We simply can't do that," Brown said.

So instead of standing in the snow covered stops, RMTD suggests that riders find the nearest dry spot to stand as they wait for the bus to arrive. But At-Tahir says that means in some stops, she would have to stand in the road, which is too dangerous. In that case, Brown says there are other options than standing in the road, and they want their riders to be as safe as possible.

"So it could be a half block down, it could be someones driveway. The next closest spot that is the safest, we will pick you up until the snow clears," Brown said.

Brown also says that if any riders notice an area that needs upkeep, to let RMTD or one of the bus drivers know, so they are able to take care of the situation at hand. RMTD says they will send a crew out if necessary to make sure problematic bus stops are kept up.

If you see a bus stop that needs assistance, RMTD says you can contact them at 815-961-9000 to report any issues.

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