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Inspiring 815: Carolyn Brown


It looks quiet now, but in a few hours, "I'm excited about tonight's dinner", the Kitchen Table in Rochelle will be anything but quiet.

"Everyone deserves a place to eat that they can afford to go to" said Carolyn Brown, the owner of the Kitchen Table. 

Carolyn Brown and her husband opened up the restaurant a little over a year ago. It's a place where any one can go to receive a warm, home cooked meal, no matter their situation. 

"I would always make too much food than what we would need, so I would just give it away. and people would say well so and so needs food, so and so needs food. So, I told my husband we need to open a kitchen." said Brown.

The restaurant started as a small project.

"When we opened, we prepared food for about 30 people." said Brown.

But now they prepare for about 125 people. Open every Tuesday and Thursday, the Kitchen Table has only one motto.

"Create a place where there's really no strings attached. and serve good food." said Brown.

And those in attendance, don't just stay for the food. 

"I came to eat and then me and her got to talking, and I just never stopped coming." said Tina Cook, a volunteer at the restaurant. 

After having met Carolyn, Tina Cook says she just couldn't help but volunteer.

"She gives whatever she can give to help another person, I don't know how to explain. There's no amount of words to explain." said Cook.

Though Carolyn's life has gotten a lot more hectic since the restaurant opened, Carolyn says it is absolutely worth it. .

"We're all a big family. We work together to make a better place for our community." said Brown. 

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