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Record-breaking stretch of snow falls across Stateline


Feb. 3 through the 11th of 2018 goes down in the record books as the longest stretches of consecutive days with measurable snowfall for Rockford.

Measurable snow means at least 0.1" of snow fell in a 24-hour period. The previous record dates back to 1994 with 7 days in a row with measurable of snow. This actually happened twice in the same month, from Jan. 1 through the 7th that year and Jan. 24 though the 30th in 1994.

Chicago also recorded 9 consecutive days of measurable snow, which ties the record from 2009 and 1902. Rockford and Chicago weather records date back to 1905 and 1885 respectively. 

Here is a look back at the previous 9 days of snow in the Stateline. 

Saturday, February 3rd: 0.7"

Sunday, February 4th: 1.4"

Monday, February 5th: 2.4"

Tuesday, February 6th: 0.3"

Wednesday, February 7th: 1.2"

Thursday, February 8th: 2.2"

Friday, February 9th: 3.6"

Saturday, February 10th: 1.2"

Sunday, February 11th: 3.1"

This brings the running total for February to 16.1 inches. Our seasonal total is now 26.8 inches, 2.0 inches above average. This is the first time since the new year that our departure from average is positive. Going in to February, we were over 10 inches below average for the season. 

Our weather pattern remains quiet and dry for the next couple of days. 

-Meteorologist Viki Knapp

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