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Federal spending plan includes $6 billion to battle opioid addiction


Hours after the second federal government shutdown, lawmakers on Capitol Hill now have a budget. 

Part of that deal includes $6 billion To fight the opioid epidemic. It's a move Remedies Renewing Lives in Rockford says it's happy to see. 

"It is always a good feeling to know that there are funds that are going to support our mission here to help people who struggle with opioid addiction," says Kathy Branning, the vice president of marketing and fund development. 

Lawmakers say those funds could go toward grants, programs and prevention efforts. Remedies says it already thinking of ways to maximize those dollars.

It says those extra funds could help it expand educational resources to the community, local schools and medical providers about addiction and methadone treatment. 

"There's a lot of stigma around Methadone treatment even though research substantiates that people have more success at sustaining abstinence and reducing fatalities when they are on a medication -- assisted program." 

Not only that, it also says it's looking at the possibility of adding a recovery house for patients. 

"A recovery house gives people a chance who struggle with opioid addiction for instance a chance to not just receive treatment and assistance and counseling and group therapy and support, but a stable environment to live in," Branning says. 

We also have the following statement from Phil Eaton, the president and CEO of the Rosecrance Health Network. 

"At Rosecrance we are encouraged when the topic of treatment for substance use disorder reaches the level of federal budget discussions.," Eaton says. "We know that through research and evidence-based practices, treatment works. We look forward to learning details about the spending plan and anticipated next steps."

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