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Teacher of the Week: David Krueger- A.C. Thompson School


Take a look around David Krueger's 5th grade class at AC Thompson Elementary School, and you will find some interesting stuff, including recycled lockers he saved from Auburn High School and a collection of lava lamps he salvaged from local garage sales. 

It's a collection of random things that makes Mr. Krueger's room like home. 

"Students you have at the beginning of the year actually become your family," said Krueger. 

It's a place where kids want to be. 

"Everybody wants to be in his room. When registration day is, everybody wants to know, 'Did I get Mr. Krueger? Did I get Mr. Krueger?'" said Principal Emma Gipson. 

Students line up to be in his class and once they are in, they aren't disappointed. 

"One of my favorites," said 5th grader Ariana Kotlienthong. "He's taught me a lot  this year and I think that I can go a long way with what he's taught me." 

For  the veteran teacher, the life lessons learned in class are just as important as the ones scribbled on paper for students. 

"I want them to not only be good students but good humans," said Krueger. "So it just isn't the academic part. Teachers are always making sure their students know how to form relationships and how to work together." 

The signs on the wall make Mr. Krueger's room a place where kids want to be but it's his love for teaching that helps them succeed outside of it. .

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