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Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti announces new pilot program for students in rural communities


Smaller schools in rural areas don't always have opportunities for students who attend to do things that kids in bigger schools can,'

That's why Lt Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti was in Orangeville to announce a new program that gives students at rural schools in Illinois an opportunity to earn some college credit. Sanguinetti is the chairperson for Governor Rauners Rural Affairs Council.

"But with education, a lot of the people in the rural affairs council talked about the lack of opportunities in some of our rural schools." said Sanguinetti.

The program is an Advanced Placement Pilot that will allow students in rural communities to take college level AP classes online. Being able to take these classes is something Sanguinetti says will help students in those rural areas increase their college readiness. Opportunities like this program has students excited to jump into the online classes.

"I've never been able to take an AP class before ever. And I know that kids in bigger schools get to do that all the time. And there's not a lot of classes here so I'm really excited for it." said Orangeville Junior Caitlyn Chapman.

Sanguinetti also said getting students college credit through the program could cut down on college tuition costs too.  

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