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Crusader Community Health awaiting full funding from U.S. government


Community health care clinics, like Crusader Community Health, are caught in the middle of the budget battle happening in Washington D.C. 

Over a million Illinois residents rely on these clinics.  In Rockford, 54,000 patients use Crusader Community Health.  CEO Gordon Eggers just returned home from a trip to Washington D.C. where he met with legislative leaders and advocated for federal funding for centers like Crusader. 

"The federal money which people think is all of our money is just to educate you maybe 10-ish percent," says Eggers. "You pay a portion of your thing, it's not a free clinic.  The federal government helps us with that portion."

Fortunately for Crusader, Eggers says it has enough money in reserves so that patients shouldn't feel any impact.  But it's not without headaches for the clinic. Which is seeing monthly payments from the government right now, instead of normal funding. 

"If we lost that clearly things are not good.  But it doesn't shut  us down, we're a very stable place."

Eggers says unfortunately for Crusader, it is caught up in a controversial package lawmakers are voting on. He says both Republicans and Democrats want to fund health centers like his, but it's other issues holding the passage up like Defense Spending and Immigration. But Eggers says after his trip to the nation's capital he's more confident than ever funding will soon return.

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