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Doctors at SwedishAmerican Hospital explain widowmaker heart attack from This is Us


If you haven't seen the latest episode of This is Us, be warned there are spoiler alerts ahead. 

Viewers of the show This is Us learned in the latest episode what really killed the character Jack Pearson. The character went into cardiac arrest as a result of smoke inhalation. That was because a fire was started by a crock pot while the family is sleeping. 

After the show aired, Time Magazine says Google searches for "Widowmaker" heart attacks shot up by 5,000%. Doctors at SwedishAmerican were able to clarify what exactly causes a Widowmaker heart attack. 

It's really the size and the location. Because it's the beginning of the artery, so the whole artery doesn't get enough blood supply. So a much bigger area of the heart muscle will not get enough blood supply so that the whole area gets starved of blood and oxygen." said Dr. Mazen Hadid who is a cardiologist at Swedes.

The symptoms of a Widowmaker heart attack are the same as a regular heart attack. They include tightness and pain in the chest, back, neck or arms, fatigue, lightheadedness, abnormal heartbeat and anxiety. 

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