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RPS 205 board members approve adding crime fighting technology to district property


The Rockford Police Department wants to install up to 12 gunshot detection devices on Rockford School District property.  This is part of the department's plan to install numerous devices across the city. 

On Tuesday night, several board members agreed with the idea. 

"We looked at some of our properties," says RPS 205 Chief Operations Officer Todd Schmidt.  "We looked at line of sight where the locations would be, making sure that whatever equipment they put out would not destroy our roofs."

The city of Rockford invested roughly a million dollars into new technology for the department. This went towards things like license plate readers, cameras, and the gunshot detection software. 

Chief Dan O'Shea says the technology will be deployed throughout the city throughout the next two months. RPS 205 says the city and police department approached it, asking if the devices could be placed on a maximum of 12 school district sites. The district says there will be little to no cost to it for supplying the space, only what electricity the devices will pull from its buildings. 

"Whichever area is going to be encompassed by this over 100 sensors is going to be a safer area," says Schmidt. :They'll have these sensors that are going to monitor everything that takes place.  If there's a shot fired they'll be able to triangulate it. So with our buildings being part of that mapping area of the 100, yes we feel it'll be safer for us too."

The full board still needs to approve the measure.  A final vote is expected on February 27th. 

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