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Bike-sharing business to set up shop in Stateline

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Hundreds of bright green bikes are coming to the Stateline, all available for you to rent and ride for just $1 per half hour.

"We hope that people will just grab one and try and be healthy and get out on a nice weather day and check out areas of our community," said Executive Director of Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning Mike Dunn Jr..

It's a bike-sharing program known as LimeBike. The company already has bikes in communities like Seattle and South Bend and now it's looking to set up shop here in the Rockford area. 

"I wouldn't say we are becoming the cool city, but it is cool that a company like this is willing to invest here," said Loves Park planning manager Nathan Bruck.

Here's how it works... 
Bikes will be placed all around the Stateline, including Belvidere, Loves park and Rockford. Each comes equipped with a GPS that allows you to check them out for a certain amount of time. 

"They'll be opening up their own facility here in Rockford for maintenance of the bike and staging of the bike, and they'll be hiring full time employees to go around collect the bikes and make sure they're following the rules," said Dunn.

Unlike many other bike-sharing programs, Lime Bike does not have a docking system.  You find a bike, you ride it and you can leave at your destination. 

That also means no upfront investment for cities and no cost for taxpayers. 

"Everybody's very optimistic of the outcome of this program and what could happen next I guess," said Bruck.

City leaders say another big selling point is the data these bikes will gather as you're riding them around the city.

"I'm hopeful that we will be able to take that data and use it for more infrastructure for bike and pedestrian," said Bruck.

A new way of riding leaders say is a big step toward building a more bike-friendly Stateline.

Loves Park, Machesney Park, Belvidere and Rockford are all on the list to take part in the bike-share. There's no set launch date. Each city is set to review the program in the coming weeks.

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