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Teacher of the Week: Dermot Dolan, Durand Junior High


In the small community of Durand, life revolves around farming. For Dermot Dolan, so does teaching. "It's like farming in the sense that you plant the seed of knowledge," said Dolan. 

He has been harvesting young minds for the past 16 years. But he himself is also a product of Durand Schools. 

"He's a Durand guy," said Principal Michael Leskowich. "He graduated high school from here and came back. He kind of summarizes what our community is." 

It's that community pride that he instills in his students. 

"It's important to me to try to continue to raise the Durand pride," said Dolan. "Being a Bulldog and being good community members and a good person." 

A science teacher by title, but his reach goes far beyond the classroom. Dolan is a football, basketball and wrestling coach. He also leads the chess club and science olympiad. 

"He does it all for us. A really valuable employee," said Leskowich. 

The father of four, he want's students to learn the material in class but his goal is that they are filled with much more than information. 

"It's my job to teach them science but I also feel like it's my job to help them grow into being a good young man or young woman. I take a lot of pride in trying to do the best job that I can on that," Dolan said.

It's that pride that has Mr. Dolan planted firm at Durand. 

Dolan said, "I'm from here and want to continue to be here. Keep impacting lives and making a difference." 

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