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Inspiring 815: Ruth Fairchild


It started out simple, 24 years ago.

"It was just a snack after school, when I started feeding kids from Kishwaukee School" said Ruth Fairchild, the community outreach coordinator at Zion Lutheran Church. 

It was a way for Ruth Fairchild to get to know her new community at Zion Lutheran Church in Rockford.

"By me teaching at Kishwaukee School, I knew the students, but I didn't know the community." said Fairchild.

Now, the church feeds dozens through the Worship on Wednesday or 'WOW' dinner program. It provides kids in the area some stability, when the rest of the community is transient. 

"They come because not only do they get a nice meal, but they get people to listen to their stories, and find out how their day was and they get excited because you are always here." said Fairchild.
It's a way for the adults to make sure everything is ok.

"We have special situations that you know they come here to let us know if they need help with something at home, or if they need additional food." said Fairchild.

But it's also a program that Ruth says, is everything to these kids.

"It makes them feel like they matter, they are important and that they count." said Fairchild.

The program doesn't just help the kids either. 

"I have learned so much from miss Fairchild.  She is like a mother to me, a mentor." said Janice Forrest, who has worked with Ruth for years.

Forrest says learning from Ruth, and being in her presence has impacted her life greatly, and Ruth is someone she aspires to be.

"I hope when I'm that age, I'm able to do the outstanding work that she does for the community." said Forrest.

Ruth Fairchild, Inspiring 815, by wowing the community one meal at a time,

"You can become successful if you have a community that's behind you, and people that love you. " said Fairchild.

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