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Rockford woman turns 110, shares her secret to a long life


At most birthday parties, you'll find the cake, gifts and a little bit of company. 

"You know, there's been so many birthdays just come and go, come and go and that it," Stella Lennox says. "But, this one is different." 

That's because Lennox is 110 years old today. It's a milestone she and her family never thought she would reach. 

"She says, 'I don't know why the Lord still has me here,' and I just tell her, 'You're still here because I'm still sassy and I still need to be kept in line," Brenda Delacy, Stella's granddaughter says.  

So, what's the secret to living a long healthy life? Well, Stella says she has the answer. 

"Trust in the Lord and give yourself a kick in the pants and get going," she says,  

That's the mantra Stella says she's lived by for the past 110 years. It's a phrase she says helped her make her way from North Dakota to Chicago to become a registered nurse at the Cook County Hospital. Not only that, she says it also helped her live through The Great Depression and World War II. 

"In World War II, the whole community was up in arms and there were meetings all over trying to do what they could for the war effort," she says.  

Fast forward to 2018, Stella's welcomed two children, nine grand children, 11 great grand children and seven great, great grand children into her life. She even has a great, great nephew who is 100 years younger than her. 

"It's weird, it's just plain weird," says Charlie Wiedmeyer, Stella's great, great nephew.  

A bizarre blessing that this family has been able to experience for the past 11 decades. 

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