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Hometown Holiday: Woodstock celebrates Groundhog Day 2018


February 2nd in Woodstock, Illinois means one thing: Groundhog Day.

And on Groundhog Day 2018, Woodstock Willie said he saw his shadow and that we'll see 6 more weeks of winter. 

It's a tradition that repeats every year, paying homage to the 1993 film starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell that was shot in the city. 

Woodstock Willie's prognostication is just one of many events throughout the weekend, like the pub crawl, chili cook off, and dinner dance held in the same location used in the film's bachelor auction. 

"Many of our community residents were extras in the movie and they got together after the movie thinking it was kind of sad that it's all over, so they decided that we should have a celebration every year to bring people out to uphold this," says Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager. 

The volunteers who organize the event say it's the people who call the city home who make it happen, year after year. 

"I think other places might be able to do it but we have a really great community. All the ups and downs and sideways, if you need something people are there," says Groundhog Day Festival Co-chairman Craig Krandel. 


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