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Inspiring 815: Deann Anderson


Deann Anderson has been the owner of Stonewall Cafe in Pecatonica for 20 years. A quaint restaurant, with a large side project.

Fourteen years ago, Feann and a friend made a quilt for a man she says 'just couldn't get warm'

"We came down here and made him a quilt." said Deann Anderson, owner of the cafe.

From there, the project grew.

"We started with our own sewing machines and our own material, and we've grown to where once in a while we have to get batting which is the center layer of our quilt, and everything else is donated." said Anderson.

Since then, the group has made more than 11 thousand quilts. They are hand sewn every Tuesday by a group of about eight to ten ladies, and then given out to those in need.

"Nursing homes residents probably rank number one, cancer centers, abuse homes, children's homes." said Anderson.

But there's no limit on who they give a quilt to.

"If we hear about it, they get a quilt, just for some tender love and care." said Anderson.

According to Lola Moist, a member of the sewing group for the past two years, there's no limit on Deann's heart either.

"These are a great bunch of ladies, they have such big hearts and Deann is wonderful. She gives all the time, gives all herself." said Moist.

Deann Anderson, inspiring 815, one quilt at a time.

"She's just got such a good heart. I can't say it enough. You just want to walk up and hug her, all the time." said Moist.

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