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RAMP sees increase in Ticket To Work participants


Ron Jackson says he's dealt with spastic cerebral palsy his whole life.

"It affects my hands and arms so things like opening doors or typing or answering phones are also sometimes an issue," he says.  

It's an issue that's made it a bit difficult for him to find full-time employment. 

That's why he's involved in the Ticket To Work program with RAMP. It's a resource that aims to help people on social security and disability benefits to become self sufficient.  

"I look at it as the more tools a person has, the more successful they can be," Jackson says.  

Hannah Schoenberg is the person to help people like Ron get those tools. From beefing up their resume, practicing their interviewing skills and teaching how to inform potential employers of potential accommodations that may be needed for them to complete a job.

"I've had people you know looking for master level type of education type jobs all the way to entry level with no high school education," Schoenberg says. 
Before she took over in October, Hannah says the office saw roughly eight people make their way through the program. Now, she says she's working with 15 participants to help them find full time jobs.  

"Most of the individuals probably could survive on the check that they're getting, but they want meaningful employment," she says.

But to Ron, landing a full time position is about more than earning a fatter paycheck. 

"I want to help break down the stigma that people with disabilities are just lazy and want to live off the government for the rest of their lives," he says.

Ron says he sends roughly 10 applications a week and hopes to land a unit specialist position at Rosecrance. 

Click here for more information about how you can get involved in the Ticket to Work program.  You can also call 815-698-7467 for more information.

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