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Hundreds turn out for Women's March in Rockford


Marching side by side with signs in hand, more than a thousand Stateline residents walked the streets to stand up and make their voices heard.  

"For too long women as they've had their right trampled on whether it's by their boss or by society in general," Alicia Neubauer, an organizer for the Rockford Women's March says.  

Saturday marks the second time since President Donald Trump took office that women across the country marched to bring issues they care about into the spotlight -- including here in Rockford.

"I think it's important that we take a stance and take a position here in Rockford," Shamika Williams says.  

But this time, leaders say it's time to get to work on how to solve these problems.

"I'm passionate about equality for women in the workplace and for harassment -- trying to get rid of harassment in the workplace, but in other places," Janice Schmitt says.  

To get the ball rolling, people at Saturday's march are urging women to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

"Voting is incredibly important," Schmitt says. "If you don't do anything, vote. That's probably the biggest contribution you can make." 

For others, it's about how we can help women in our own community. Williams says too many women in our area don't have access to jobs, education and other resources that could put them on the path to success.  

"You can have an opportunity and not have access and that needs to change," she says.

It's a stance she took today, by joining thousands across the country in a march aimed at taking a step towards womens' equality.

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