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Inspiring 815: Pat Ambrose


Honoring those who have served. 

"Of course. 25th infantry." said local veteran, Henry Robinson. 

It's something many people strive to do, from Veteran's Day and honoring those who have fallen, to thanking someone for their service; there are many ways to honor a veteran.

"As much as I do, it's not enough. I need to do a lot more." said Pat Ambrose, the Executive Director of the Veteran Drop-In Center.

One Rockford woman is stepping up, and doing her part to serve those who served our country. 

"The ones I wanna help most now are the ones coming back from Afghanistan." said Ambrose.

That's why Ambrose created the Veteran Drop-In Center.

Pat started volunteering in 1995 with the Red Cross, but once its homeless shelter closed, she knew she had to do more for the veterans in our community.
"Lunch at 1, dinner at 5, free clothing, free haircuts, everything we can think of to make life easier for the veterans." said Ambrose.

It's a place where local veterans can come for a free meal, companionship and fun. 

"We do a bunch of things here like play chess, play cards, watch tv, laugh, joke, have a good time." said Robinson.

It gives them an outlet they might not necessarily have otherwise.

"People hated to say that they stayed at the homeless shelter. Nobody is ashamed to say that they hang out at the Veteran's Drop-In Center. They're proud of the fact that they served their country." said Ambrose.

And those who show up, can't get enough of the center, or of Pat. 

"The first lady, which is Pat Ambrose, is a very nice lady, we enjoy her." said Robinson.

Pat Ambrose.

"I love the first lady!" said Robinson.

Inspiring 815, one veteran at a time.

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