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Snow looms after cold weekend


Those of you hoping for more snow to match the very chilly weather are in luck: snow showers are returning to the area Sunday night.

First, a cold weekend is ahead. Temperatures struggle to warm up to 20 both Saturday and Sunday, despite seeing lots of sunshine both days. Wind chill values will stay near zero, and dip toward -10 Saturday night. While not as harsh as the last cold snap, make sure you have a few extra layers on before heading out this weekend.

Snow looks to arrive late Sunday evening, and last until early Monday morning. While the snow showers themselves look to be light, they'll last long enough to produce at least 1" of snow. The snow will also be dry and fluffy, increasing the water-to-snow ratio and causing snow totals will be higher than a wetter, heavier snow. We may see as much as 3" of snow in some spots before the weather dries up Monday.

Stay tuned to the 13 Weather Authority throughout the weekend, as the forecast may need to be adjusted as the storm approaches. You can use the online tools like our Interactive Radar on our Weather Page to track the snow late Sunday and early Monday, and look for our Facebook Live updates Sunday evening once the storm arrives. Plan on getting out the door early on Monday to shovel and so you have extra time to drive slow back to work.

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