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Teacher of the Week: Brian Martin- Rockton Grade School


It's the best time of day for any elementary school student, gym class! It's an opportunity to get out of the classroom and run as fast as you possibly can. 

"The students have a lot of energy!" says the schools principal, Kindyl Etnyre. 

The energy provider at Rockton Grade School? Teacher Brian Martin. 

"He instills a desire to come to school every day and of course P.E. the environment is unbelievable," said Etnyre. 

It's an environment based in fun. 

"When they come in they're excited. They got a smile on their face," said Martin. "They're ready to go and I get them moving." 

Having fun and also being fit. 

Martin said, "We want to keep the kids moving, let them learn the health benefits of moving for their hearts, for their body, for their brain." 

"I think that it's important at this age that we really focus on being active with so many kids and the digital age behind screens," Etnyre said. 

Martins love of teaching was instilled in him at a young age. 

"My dad was in education," said Martin. "I grew up around it my whole life and i liked it. I liked being at school, I liked doing it, so I stuck with it." 

Outside of the gym class, he strives to make connections with every kid at the school. 

"Mr. Martin will stop in during his lunch time in the cafeteria sit down and sit and eat with the kids," said Etnyre. "They beg for him to come and eat at their table." 

He strives to make connections with kids so they not only have a fun in gym, but also enjoy being at school. 

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