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City raises hourly and monthly parking fees, customers consider other options


Jennifer Thomas says the parking garage at the corner of Wyman and Elm Street makes her morning commute to the Zeke Giorgi Building just a little bit easier. But, she says it's starting to get expensive. 

"Right now I'm paying $61 a month," Thomas says. 

Now, her bill is about to go up to $64.That's because the city is raising prices for monthly permit holders by roughly three percent. The move also adds 25 to 50 cents for hourly parking in city owned parking garages. 

"Generally when we have a fee of some sort it's designated to pay for some sort of service that we're providing," Eklund says.  

The city says the money you pay to park goes directly back in to that service. It's cost that includes salting, plowing and maintaining the structure. 

"They're not used to pay for firefighter salaries or finance department wages -- things like that," Eklund says. 

However, Jennifer says she worries she'll start to see the fees continue to climb. 

"After awhile it's one dollar, two dollars, three dollars, five dollars -- I'm looking for ten dollars you know it keeps going up," She says.  

She says the uptick has her considering other options about where she should park her car everyday. 

"I'm going to have to bundle up and park farther out," she says. "I'm just going to have to put on some good boots when it's snowing." 

The city says those increases won't impact residential parking fees and those who pay a $5 special event fee.

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