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City Council passes third largest capital improvement plan in Rockford history

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More than 100 million dollars worth of improvements are coming to Rockford. City Council passed a major capital improvement plan Tuesday. 

In the plan it outlines infrastructure improvements to improve more than 500 miles of local roads and streets. 130 bridges and box culverts will receive upgrades as well. In addition, 800 miles of sidewalk will either be improved, repaired or added to the city. Finally, crews will repair more than 1,100 alleys. 

13 News spoke with Mayor McNamara to see what the plan will mean for Rockford. McNamara said, "I think the capitol improvement plan that we have in place is really exciting for both residents in our community as well as business." 

This is the 3rd largest capitol improvement plan in the cities history. In total, Rockford will invest 141-million dollars over 5 years into the city. 

The mayor says all wards will get an equal portion of that money. What is new with this plan is the city added an additional 1.3 million dollars into the neighborhood plan. That money will be distributed to the wards who's roads, sidewalks, and bridges need upgrades and repairs the most. 

Mayor McNamara said, "Where those dollars will have the greatest impact and return on investment.  So that additional 1.3 million dollars that we're putting in is being used based on use based on need and based on data." 

Funding for this plan comes from a variety of areas including the motor fuel tax and local capital sales tax. Property taxes are not part of the funding. 

The city hopes to have work start by March. 

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