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Local man donates 1,000 blood platelets


A big milestone was celebrated on Wednesday by one man at the Rock River Valley Blood Center.

Dave Bennett has officially donated 1,000 blood platelets.

"I don't have a lot to offer, but if I can use my blood then that's good," said Dave Bennett.

The blood center says this is a huge accomplishment. 

That's because each of his platelet donations can be multiplied helping cancer patients and patients with anemia.

Dave started donating in 1993. Two years later, he had to have four blood transfusions, which inspired him to keep giving back. 

"I am very fortunate that someone was there to donate for me, and I'm glad to be able to donate to other people," said Bennett.

Meanwhile the Rock River Valley Blood Center is at a critical low right now and your donation is needed. 

Workers there say the uptick in flu and cold symptoms have left few able donors. 

The blood center says it is below a one day supply of the following blood types: A negative, O negative, B negative and B positive. 

However, the center says it will take any blood donation. 

Workers say the rest of the nation is also dealing with short supplies, so the options of importing from another center are limited. 


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