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Record-breaking cold leads to a bitter start to 2018


After a record cold New Year's Day, the very chilly weather lasts throughout much of the rest of the week. Wind chill values will likely stay below zero through Saturday.

With temperatures staying below zero, dangerous wind chill values are being experienced in the Stateline. Wind chill warnings have been issued for the Stateline until noon Tuesday to highlight the hazardous cold. Wind chills of -25 to -35 are expected, which can lead to frostbite within 10 minutes on exposed skin. If you do have to go out, layer up and cover up any exposed areas, including the nose and ears.

New Year's Day 2018 started with a low of -13° in the morning. That tied the record for coldest low temperature for January 1st, tying 1924 and 1968. Later on in the day, the high temperature only managed -1°, which broke the previous coldest high temperature record by 5 degrees (previous record: 4°, 1947). Wind chills at times were colder than -20°, prompting wind chill warnings and advisories for the harsh conditions.

The weather does warm up a little, but will stay below 15° for a high until Sunday. Wind chill values may be harsh again Thursday and Friday, with frostbite concerns popping up both of those days again.

Good news by Sunday: the cold pattern may finally break for a while, bumping temperatures into the 20's, and possibly close to 30° on Sunday. We may stay below average for the first half of the month, but at least the weather won't be as bone-chilling as it was for New Year's Day and much of this week.

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