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Local leaders secure financing to bring Indoor Market to downtown


The rolling and kneading didn't start at the Canine Crunchery's current location on 20th Street. 

In fact, the owner says it started in her own kitchen until her business started getting more exposure at city market. 

"When we were done with our first city market, we were in 13 stores. By the end of the next year we were in 26," Jane Femeinella, the owner of Canine Crunchery says.  

Today, they say they sell their natural and organic dog treats in 56 stores across the area. It's a success she credits to the outdoor city market. 

"It's a big network of people and I consider everyone at city market part of our family," Femeinella says.  

It's a family the Rock River Development Partnership says it wants to expand with the indoor city market. 

It's a plan that's been in the works for years, but now the group says it has the financing. It comes through a number of ways, including historic tax credits and a new markets tax credit. 

"You can get a nice chunk of capital really to finance a project like this that would otherwise be very difficult to do," Peter Provenzano, the chairman of the Rock River Development Partnership chairman says.  

The $8 million facility will feature three to five permanent store fronts, vendor space and a commercial kitchen for classes or just space a start up business can utilize. 

"Rent for a period of time, produce the goods that you need to and clean up and somebody else can come in and use it," Provenzano says.  

It's a tool Canine Crunchery says it would've taken advantage of in their early days. 

"That would've been awesome then I wouldn't of had to move things all around -- you know work off of two different locations," Femeinella says. 

Making a market accessible year-round, a move leaders hope will help businesses like Canine Crunchery get their start. 

Leaders say they expect that project to wrap up by next fall. 

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