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Only on 13 News: Corey Anderson Regroups for 2018


Rockton native Corey Anderson was knocked out in November at UFC 217, but he wasn't knocked down for long. The light heavyweight fighter is gearing up for a fresh start in 2018.

"It is what it is. It's part of the fight game. I knew this was going to happen when I signed up to a be a fighter in the first place. You take it with a grain of salt and move on."

Corey Anderson is up off the canvas as he moves forward in his career, which includes a stop at No Joke MMA in his hometown, teaching future fighters.

"My dream job originally was to coach. I did the college coaching job for two years, they told me to go and do my thing. Every chance I get to come back and give back, or go do a seminar, I love it. I have more fun doing that than learning myself," Anderson said.

That mission of giving back puts him in the conversation with other 815 ambassadors who do the same.

"The first person i knew out of here was Danica Patrick. I didn't watch NASCAR or IndyCar, but it'd be cool to be able to say I made it out. Get a sign in your town one day," Anderson said. "Kids look up to you, they want to be like you one day. The fact you have kids say you inspire me or I want to be like you, that's the best feeling to have."

He's about to teach local youth that when you're knocked down, you get up again.

"January 1st, the goal is to work on everything that went wrong in the last two fights. We're going to move forward and get a fight lined up."

He firmly believes the difficult climb up the UFC ladder is worth the painful setbacks.

"Victory is always better when you go through the struggle. If I got the title shot now, I wouldn't appreciate it as much if I didn't take these losses, and go through the trenches again and work hard to get it. You'll never regret working hard. That's the goal, work hard, get it, and enjoy the victory when I get there."

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