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Inspiring 815: Kids Around The World


"We build playgrounds around the world, so we bring joy to children in different countries, and here locally in the Rockford area." said Tm Clauson, the Playground Director for Kids Around The World.

That's the basis of what Kids Around The World does from day to day.

Building playgrounds from the United States, all the way to Iraq. But here at the Rockford office, Tim Clauson takes it a step further. 

"We work with these young men and women teach them job skills, teach them how to weld, how to work."

Kids Around The World provides playgrounds of all kinds, including handicap accessible for children with disabilities, and in parts of the world they don't otherwise exist. 

But Clauson makes sure to give back in Winnebago County too, by partnering with groups like Youth Build and RPS Disabilities.

"If they're not here, they're not gonna come with and that's kinda neat to see them progress to learn, like if I don't get here at 7, I'm not gonna be able to go with the team." 

Being a part of the programs is something one volunteer involved says helped change her life. 

"I feel like because of that program, it got me to come out of my box a little bit." said Viridiana Moreno.
But having Tim as a mentor, and a boss made the experience so much more meaningful.

"He was also a friend and I know we could always go back to him if we needed something." said Moreno.

And Clauson says it's something that impacts and changes his life too.

"It's not just building playgrounds, it's investing in children's lives and seeing changes in their lives for the long run, and not just temporary putting up a playground."

Tim Clauson, Inspiring 815, one playground at a time. 

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