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Teacher of the Week: Leslie Johnson- Immanuel Lutheran School


The countdown to Christmas breaks has officially begun at Imamnuel Lutheran School as students are anxious for a few weeks of freedom. 

"It's always exciting, there's a lot of energy in the classroom," said their teacher Leslie Johnson. 

As their excitement builds this week, that's the level of excitement their teacher has on a daily basis.

"I always come in... excited everyday to be here!" said Johnson. 

The middle school teacher has been at Immanuel Lutheran for the past 13 years. She says her students keep her young. 

"When I was a kid text was a word on a page it was a noun,  it wasn't a verb like it is now," said Johnson. 

They keep her up to date but also young at heart. 

"They're kind hearted, they're thoughtful people," said Johnson. "They want to do well in school and make and impact in their community." 

She has made an impact in the lives of her student by engaging in their learning. 

6th grader Cole Heath said, "She's  really kind and loving and caring for other people. And she puts other people before herself all the time." 

Students like Cole would know about Mrs. Johnson's selflessness as she is is constantly coming in early or staying late after school to go over lessons from class.

"She's just a very fun teacher who will pretty much do anything for you that you'd possibly ever want or need," said Heath. 

In her time at Immanuel Lutheran, Mrs. Johnson has found that what students need most is to feel welcome and wanted. 

Johnson said, "Because we are working together and I think they know I'm on their side, I hope they know I'm on their side,  that helps with the learning." 

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