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Sick 12-year-old girl buys Christmas presents for other sick children


Kathryn and Chris Williams' children suffer from severe health issues.

"We have two medically fragile children that have mitochondrial disease." said Kathryn.

The Williams' children can't attend school, and they spend a lot of their time in the hospital.

"The past 13 years we've spent most of the Christmases in the hospital with one, or both of the children because of complications from their disease." said Kathryn.

It's something 12-year-old Kaleighann knows all too well.

"They don't really have toys so much in the hospital."

And while it's still uncertain what will happen this year, she wanted to make sure kids who will definitely be in the hospital, have a little extra holiday spirit.

"Kaleighann was organizing some of her American Girl Doll accessories, she told me that she doesn't play with them anymore and wants to sell them. Then she added, and with the money, I want to buy toys for kids who have to spend Christmas in the hospital." said Ginnie Cunningham, Kaleighann's teacher. 

So, in a matter of hours, Kaleighann had sold all her American Girl Dolls. And within just two weeks, she raised more than $1,000 dollars.

She then hand picked toys to buy for patients, and on Thursday hand delivered them to Santa.

"It's very touching to us as parents that Kaleighann has went out of her way to do this, and it's such a thoughtful idea. No one has told her to do this." said Chris.

Kaleighann doesn't seem to think what she's doing is a big deal....

"It just makes me happy."

But those around her say they know the impact it's making on other children, and hope to make it an annual tradition.

"Kaghleighann you inspire me to be a better person, and I can't wait to do this all over again next year." said Cunningham.

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