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Gov. Rauner signs bill to battle opioid abuse, limit doctor-shopping


Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill Wednesday making it harder for people abusing opioids to get a prescription. 

Lawmakers  say Senate Bill 772 requires prescribers who have a Illinois Controlled Substance License to register with the Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program.

The PMP is a database that records patient prescription history. The governor's office says the database allows physicians to check previous patient prescriptions and requests for controlled substances. State leaders say the move is an effort to end "doctor-shopping."

“This legislation helps us combat opioid abuse by addressing fraud at a critical point of access,” Rauner said. “Too often, users obtain dangerous amounts of opioids by ‘doctor-shopping’ prescriptions for their drugs of choice from prescribers in our health care system. The new PMP registration requirements will help deter this practice by tracking prescriptions and making information available to physicians before they write them.”

The bill does allow exceptions for oncology treatment or palliative care, or a 7-day or less supply provided by a hospital emergency department when treating acute, traumatic medical conditions.

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