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First layer of snow of the season arrives Friday night


The Stateline has been lacking snow all Fall, with only a few dustings popping up so far. The first blanket of snow is coming quickly, starting Friday night.

Snow showers arrive with a very fast-moving weather system, also known as a "clipper system". The storm is coming in from the Arctic Circle, covering 1600 miles in about 24 hours. The good news with how fast this storm moves: it doesn't hang around for very long, so it can't dump heaps of snow on us since it moves out quickly. These storms generally produce light showers, lessening the amounts of snow that can accumulate.

Central and southern Wisconsin gets snow showers starting Friday afternoon, so be aware of slippery roads if you are headed north during the day. The light snow showers start around the Stateline by midnight Friday night. Since the storm is moving quickly, the showers should wrap up quickly by 3 am later on in the night. Roads may still be slick Saturday morning even as the sky is dry.

Snow amounts will vary depending on location. Rockford, its immediate surroundings, and areas west of I-39 should see less than 1" for snow. Areas east of I-39 could see 1" or so for snow, with up to 2" of snow falling as you head into Chicago. Be careful if you are headed into northwest Indiana or the southeast Chicago suburbs. Those areas could see lake effect snow, resulting in 4" of snow in spots. 

Don't underestimate the light amounts of snow and what it can do on the roads. The snow should be light and fluffy, making it easy to shovel but slippery on the roads. Take it slower while driving, leave more distance between you and the vehicles around you, especially when coming to a stop, and be gentle while turning, accelerating, and braking. Sudden movements can cause you to spin out. Remember to pack your ice scraper back in the car if you took it out after last winter!

The weather should be dry again by early Saturday, with sunny weather coming throughout the day. This should help the road conditions throughout the day. Conditions remain dry through the weekend, then another chance for snow pops up on Monday. For now, only light amounts of snow are expected.

-Chief Meteorologist Alex Kirchner

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