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New buoys aim to save lives along the Rock River


The Rock River is a great place to have fun, but it can also be extremely dangerous if people are not water aware. 

That's why new life-saving equipment will be placed along the banks of the river. 

The Rockford Fire Department and the Rock Park District are installing 12 flotation devices outside of key location. They're available for anyone to use in the case of an emergency. 

Just last week, the fire department activated its water rescue team because of an incident near the Chestnut Street Bridge. The person in the water was later found at his home and is OK. A year ago, there was another water rescue activated near the Riverview Ice House. 

You can find the flotation devices at these locations: 

1. UW Health Sports Factory, 305 S. Madison Street

2. Joe Marino Park, 102 N. Water Street

3. Waterside Plaza, 202 N. Water Street

4. Riverview Park, 324 N. Madison Street (near pedestrian bridge)

5. Riverview Park, 324 N. Madison Street (near dock)

6. YMCA, 200 Y Blvd.

7. Rock River Recreation Path near Rockmen Guardians

8. Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens, 1354 N. 2nd Street

9. Symbol, near N. 2nd Street and Auburn Street

10. Luther Village

11. Beattie Park, 401 N. Main Street

12. Burpee Museum boat docks, 737 N. Main Street

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