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Winnebago County considers consolidating clerk and recorder offices


It's where you register to vote and get a birth certificate, but soon the county clerk's office might have a few more responsibilities on its plate. 

"What we're asking the board this Thursday is do they want to put a question on the march ballot to consolidate the clerk, recorder's office," said Winnebago County Board Chairman Frank Haney.

According to that proposal, Winnebago County would eliminate it's county recorder and instead have that office fall under the supervision of the county clerk. 

"At time when we're running a multi-million dollar deficit and there's not new revenue coming in...we have to turn over every stone," said Haney.

But current Winnebago County Recorder Nancy McPherson doesn't think this is the right move. 

"The offices have nothing in common, the offices are completely different," said McPherson.

She believes the combination of both offices could hurt the integrity of the work she does. 

"My fear is with this consolidation is services.. services that would be lost, services that would be put to the bottom of the barrel," said McPherson.

Services such as  handling the deed to your house and the county's military records. However, some board members disagree. 

"We should see more savings as far as efficiencies go, as effectiveness goes, I think it's a better use of taxpayers dollars," said Winnebago County Board Member Burt Gerl.

This proposal also comes at a time, when the county is set to elect a new county clerk. 

"Change is a perfect time to look at your structure," said Haney.

A change that wouldn't be made for another two years. A timeline board chairman Frank Haney says will give the new clerk time to settle in and make their own changes.

Again, the county board will vote on Thursday whether or not to put the consolidation proposal on the March ballot.

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