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State launches opioid hotline, local facility skeptical about how effective it will be


It's a crisis Gov. Bruce Rauner says he wants to end. 

"Unfortunately the opioid epidemic knows no bounds, he says. "It knows no class or ethnic community. It's impacting every family in every level." 

That's why he says the state launched a 24/7 opioid help line. 
Rauner says it's a tool that will connect people who are addicted to opioids with the right resources.
"We have a comprehensive database statewide with all the resources available care centers and facilities," Rauner says.  

One of those resources in Rockford is Remedies Renewing Lives. 
Experts there say they're happy to see the state put out more resources, but they're skeptical about how effective the program will be.   

"Ordinarily, the addict is too busy using and too focused on continuing to use that to pick up the phone might not be the easiest thing to do," Cheryl Piper, the vice president of clinical services at Remedies Renewing Lives says.  

The governor's office says the Illinois Department of Human Services will operate the hotline. To measure it's success, it says it will take into account the number of calls it receives, how many of those are referred to treatment. Then, it says it will also check back in with those callers in march to see how they're doing. 

"We want to keep people safe and alive and then help people recover from their addiction as we can," Rauner says.  

Tricia Lutey says her daughter battled an addiction for 17 years until she died from an overdose in August. During that time, she waited as long as a month to get treatment. She says a hotline would've been the perfect tool for her daughter to find help immediately. 

"If you call a hotline, they're there to listen to hear your story to hear how you're hurting," she says.  

The governor's office says that hotline to call is 1-833-2FINDHELP. 

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