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Rockford business owner teams up to raise money for police dashcams

Zach Meiborg Zach Meiborg

The night Eddie Patterson and Officer Jaimie Cox died during a traffic stop in Rockford, police say there was no dash cam to record what happened. 

"I was surprised and everybody I've talked to has been surprised that they didn't have that," said concerned citizen Patricia Vespa. 

But after Vespa's initial shock, the life-long Rockford resident started asking questions...

"What can we do and is there anything... And I mean what can we do?" asked Vespa. 

That's when she found Zach Meiborg, a friend of Officer Cox and a Rockford business owner, who is making it his mission to raise money to buy dashcams for the police department. 

"We have lots of technology and i just think it's a good use of the technology for the city and for the citizens," said Vespa.

Meiborg first announced his idea during a community forum a few weeks ago. 

Since then he's partnered up with the Rockford Area Crime Stoppers with the goal of raising more than $100,000... all to be donated directly for the purchase of dashcams.

"We have in the past done fundraising for law enforcement departments, we have given grants for equipment... So it was basically a natural partnership," said Rockford Area Crime Stoppers Board Chairperson Arles Hendershott. 

Police say each camera costs around $5,000, plus equipment and any donation from the public could help offset those costs. 

"We would gladly work with the public to do that, because we just don't have the money... And that's no one's fault.. it's just budgets," said Police Chief Dan O'Shea of the Rockford Police Department. 

While there's no date set on when the fundraiser will run through, Vespa hopes to raise the money in time for Christmas. 

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