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Winnebago County celebrates Illinois' 200th Birthday


"To see The Bicentennial flag fly in the breeze-- its a really really-- nice day." said honorary Rockford Chapter Regent, Alice Uphouse.

A nice day to celebrate the 200th birthday of the state of Illinois.

"To think of all of the things and the people that have come before that have led us to this" said Uphouse.

A symbol of history,  seamlessly stitched up into a flag.

"That flag represents a lot of good things that happen- here-- in Winnebago county" said Uphouse.

"Winnebago county is a proud upstate Illinois community where opportunity and innovation thrive" said Deputy County Administrator of Winnebago County, Julia Halsted.

And it's a celebration of not only the history of Illinois--- but of what is to come.

"I think today and days like today are an opportunity to affirm our commitment to serving each other" said Winnebago count Chairman, Frank Haney.

A commitment,  Winnebago county chairman, Frank Haney is hoping to take full advantage of.

"We have an opportunity to move the ball forward-- here and in the next coming years and I am very excited and humbled about that" said Haney.

A day-- allowing not only the state of Illinois a positive outlook-- but Winnebago county as well.

"As a community we are excited to think about the positive and generate hope" said Halsted.

And being proud-- of those home roots.

"its important for people to be proud of where they live, where they work, what they do in the community" said Uphouse.


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