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Lanes open back up on Spring Creek Road


For the past year, the commute for Spring Creek Road drivers has been filled with orange barrels and cones.  

"It's a distraction to have to deal with it," David Anderson, with Anderson Japanese Gardens says.   

But now, the City of Rockford says the end to the construction is near. That means the orange barrels and flashing arrows will soon vanish. 

"Hopefully this alleviates a lot of the congestion that was out there due to our construction. all lanes should be back open to what they were previous before construction started," Tim Hinkens, the Rockford CIP Operations Manager says.  

However, city leaders say the work isn't done. The cold temperatures earlier this month made for less than ideal conditions to lay down pavement. That means the city can't lay down permanent pavement until next spring. But until then, it has to install a temporary surface to get the road through the winter months.

"We need days that are above 50 degrees. We were hoping to get it and unfortunately with the weather in early and mid November didn't turn out that way," Hinkens says.   

And it comes with an extra cost. But, the city says that price tag is payed for thanks to the project being under budget. City leaders expected it cost $1.8 million, however experts say it will only reach roughly $1.4 million.

"We just said we'll shut it down and do it right. One pass on this thing. It'll be the most minimal disturbance to the traveling public out there," Hinkens says. 

It's a disturbance business owners in the area say they were prepared to handle. 

"We knew it would be going into this. We had a positive attitude about it and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel," Anderson says.  

City leaders say you can still expect to see some lane closures next spring when they start laying down the permanent asphalt. But, they say it shouldn't be as much of a headache to drivers. 

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