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Teacher of the Week: Alexis Lamb- Stillman Valley High School


At Stillman Valley High School, you can hear the music echo throughout the halls. 

The sound of trumpets, clarinets, and cymbal's clashing from the Stillman Valley High School Band. 

A band led by their teacher, Alexis Lamb. She has been there for two years but comes from a long line of teachers. 

"My mom was a teacher, my grandma was a teacher so I'm third generation," said Alexis Lamb. 

In just a short time she has struck a chord with students like Nicole Bredeson. "She's one that's really energetic and cool," said Bredeson. "She makes band a lot more enjoyable than it used to be." 

Both the high school and junior high band director, she has her hands full. 

"We do marching band, concert band, pep band and I am planning on doing an after school jazz band," said Lamb. 

She wants students to appreciate music. She said, "That they leave my class enjoying music. It doesn't matter if it's the music they're playing in class or pop tunes on the radio." 

She want's students not only to love music but themselves and each other. "The band room is a safe space for everyone," said Lamb. "Everyone is welcome and everyone can bring their own opinion, as long as it's respectful and we can have those open dialogues." 

A tone set in the classroom that resonates throughout the entire school. 

"I really enjoy working with people and helping them discover themselves," said Lamb. "Helping them build on who they are so that we can have a thriving community." 

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