Illinois finds new ways to check mail for opioids - – Rockford’s News Leader

Illinois finds new ways to check mail for opioids


Illinois is stepping up it's fight against opioids and it's using new technology to do it. US Customs and Border Protection officials say that deadly synthetic opioids are making it onto the streets through the US postal system.

Law enforcement thinks that the majority of the shipments are coming through 7 major mail facilities including the one in Chicago. Governor Bruce Rauner and Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti were at the Chicago location today to survey how police and mail employees check for opioids.

"O'Hare officials and we want to say thank you to our officers from the customs and border protection operation they confiscated 82 packages of fentanyl here last year at O'Hare that is only exceeded by JFK airport in New York."

Officials say the shippers are going to great lengths to hide the narcotics which is why canine teams and x-ray machines among other equipment are being used to allow them to identify substances.

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