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Addiction resource centers, support groups fight at the front lines of the opioid crisis


13 WREX wants to make sure if you or someone you love needs help with opioid addiction, that you know where you can turn.

Using faith to heal from opioid addiction

"Often times God uses a community of people as well as his Spirit, his word, to pull someone out of a stronghold that they can't get themselves out of," RU Recovery Ministries Local Director, Johnny Wildt said.

RU Recovery Ministries is a faith-based program that aims to help addicts through treating the spirit, the soul and the body. Some leading the ministries are former addicts themselves. They say they're proof that seeking faith to recover from opioid addiction works.

"What we want to do in our residential homes is to treat and train people to live differently and to live their lives sober," Director of Development Brad Woodbury said. "To go to a job everyday, to come home every day sober, and to live a sober lifestyle."

RU Recovery Ministries started in Rockford 21 years ago and is now international. If you're looking for opioid addiction help for yourself or someone you know you can reach them at 815-986-0460. Their website is available here.

Anonymous support group lets addicts get their lives back on track

Narcotics Anonymous is support group for men and women struggling with drug addiction. They use the 12-step program and have meetings all across town.

"We're very hospitable and we understand where the individual is because we've all had to walk through the door for the first time," one anonymous group leader told 13 WREX.

If you'd like to call and find a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in town, you can call the Rock River Area Group Services Narcotics Anonymous at 815-964-5959. You can also visit NA's website.

Narcotics Anonymous also offers a support line for those who have lost a loved one to drug addiction. That number is 815-978-3777.

Other resources

If you need treatment and counseling, Rosecrance can be reached at 888-928-5278.

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center helped one man 13 WREX featured in its HOOKED series. That service can be reached at 815-397-3591.

The number of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is 1-800-662-HELP. 

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