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Inspiring 815: Jim McIlroy


It all started 7 years, and 69 pounds ago for Jim McIlroy.

"My wife and my son and I went on a healthy conscious journey, and lost 69 pounds in 90 days."

Turning his dream into a reality, and helping those in the area lead a healthy lifestyle as well. 

"It always was #25by2025." said McIlroy.

Meaning, help Rockford become a top 25 healthiest place to live by 2025. And when he started that journey, Rockford was number 4 on Forbes List of Most Obese Cities in the Country. Now, it's number 10, but he doesn't stop at paying customers.

"In order for high tide to rise all ships, we need to help people who can't afford our services." said McIlroy.

Now, he spends his free time helping the less fortunate. And in just six months, Food 4 Fuel has donated close to 6,000 meals. 

"We just feed them and give them some nutritionally dense meals to fill up their bellies." said McIlroy.

And his help doesn't end when the food runs out. 

"Coming to him, he's been more of a mentor, a father, a father I never had." said Jesus Bernal, a chef with Food 4 Fuel.

A stranger, who turned into an employee and found a role model, in his boss.   

"I've learned how be a man, how to take the right footsteps to be a man, I've learned again, maturity, love, respect." said Bernal.

It's something Jesus is extremely grateful for.

"Having someone listen to me, having someone show me what love was, as a father, as a partner as a boss, it's been great." said Bernal.

Jim helps anyone, at any time, for any thing. But that doesn't surprise Kathleen Shaw, a volunteer with Food 4 Fuel.

"He just has the heart, he has the heart that never stops. And he has the true heart! It's not about him, it's about other people."

Jim McIlroy, Inspiring 815, one meal at a time. 

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